Please read and take note

1, All valuables should be declared at the front desk during check inn, the hotel will not be accountable for lost valuable left in guest car, or valuable which is not declared to the front desk.
2, Breakfast is saved between 7:00am to 10:00am, breakfast which is demanded or requested after 10:00am will be paid by the guest.
3, Please check-out time is 11;50am in the morning ,if guest request or refuse to check-out one hour after the regulated check out time , guest will be subjected to pay half of his/her room rate and two hours late after the regulated checkout time ,guest will be asked to pay for full room rate.
4, Any damage or loss to the hotel will be subject a fine which would be paid by the guest/requisitioned
5, Guest are requested to switch off all electrical appliances e.g. AC, FAN, TV, heater etc. and lock their rooms when going out or checking out.
6, Room keys/cards is requested to be handed over to the receptionist only strictly by the guest when going out or checking out.
7, Please guest is requested not to use hotel bedsheets, towels, curtains etc. to clean makeup or shoes.
8, Person staying in the guest rooms are not entitled to bring unauthorized guest(s) to stay with them.
9, Cooking/washing/ironing/ smoking etc. is not allowed in the guest rooms.
10, Food/meals/breakfast etc. are saved in the restaurant or dining area only, food served in the guest rooms upon request will attract Ghc 10.00 as room service